Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Medicine" Exclusive Single FREE DOWNLOAD

Here's my new single "Medicine". Produced by Anno Domini Beats. Recorded by ODZ & Petty -P at Nuthin' Petty studios Seattle WA . Mixed & Mastered by Zebulon Dak at Momentum Studios Portland OR. Available for FREE DOWNLOAD here --> "Medicine" Exclusive Single FREE DOWNLOAD

Friday, December 16, 2011

Remainder Featuring Petty-P & Nickels Hawkeye (Produced by Sapient)

Remainder Featuring Petty-P & Nickels Hawkeye (Produced by Sapient)

A LOT of people have been hounding me when my next album IMpervious is coming out. To be perfectly honest, it has been a really tough year financially and emotionally. I have moved from Seattle to Walla Walla WA and back again, My marriage ended and I basically had to start over from the ground up. SO! I wanted to give my fans/peoples SOMETHING to let them know that IMpervious IS coming. I basically have two singles. The first being "Remainder" featuring two people with whom I have worked with for a very long time Petty-P and Nickels Hawkeye of Oldominion/Comunalien/Lojique/Dropsci Giants/The Shake Down/206 Zulu Nation. And the Second is called "Pity Pot" which will have a video accompanying it. Both Songs are produced by Sapient of Sandpeople/Debaser. Awesome beat smith. PLEASE Enjoy this song, and know this.... IMpervious WILL be coming sooner than you think

Friday, September 16, 2011


Whut up!!!

Oct 1st and 2nd I will be filming the official video for "Remainder" Featuring Petty P off my upcoming album "IMpervious". This will be directed by CJ Rhone of RH1 films. We will be filming at a warehouse in Woodinville WA. Filming starts at 9 am and will be filming till evening. We will be feeding all the extras. Basically, this video will be based off of the movie "Fight Club" So bring a change of clothes. In the scene it will be "No shirt, No shoes, No belt". We are looking for 20-30 extras for the first day of shooting (Mostly Males) and the Second day of shooting we will need 10 TOTAL!

If you are interested in this you can email me at or For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook I will post it as an event and I will need people to RSVP so that we can plan out how much food to buy.

Looking forward to seeing you there...